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The BFR-180 is a unique modular feeding and bedding system that can be supplied as:
  • Round bale size Up to 6’x5′ (1.2×1.2m or 1.8×1.5m)
  • Round bale weight Up to 1,000kg
  • Unit weight (BFR-180 only) 770kg
  • Unit weight (with Crossfire only) 1,000kg
  • Unit weight (with Sidewinder only) 1,050kg
  • Unit weight (with Crossfire & Sidewinder) 1,280kg
  • Width – 2.2m ( excluding side bars) 2.23 including side bars
  • Hydraulics required 1 x double acting for BFR-180 & Crossfire, 2 x double acting for Sidewinder
  • Oil flow 12 litres/min (BFR-180 only), 50 litres/min (Crossfire & Sidewinder)

With the innovative Crossfire straw spreader attached, bedding and feeding tasks can be undertaken with the same, bed from one side and feed from the other. The Wessex Crossfire straw spreader is unlike conventional straw choppers as it spreads the straw in its baled length, with minimal dust and projectiles, and up to ten meters. Straw choppers are renowned for creating excessive dust, which in an enclosed environment can be a serious threat to the health of the stock. Chopping bedding straw also reduces its effective life span within the bedding area. REQUIRES ONE DOUBLE ACTING HYDRAULIC SPOOL

  • Bed up to 10m – Great bedding distribution with full width control
  • Spread and feed with one machine – Save time and money
  • Fast feed-out time – Increased productivity
  • Lower power requirements – Save fuel and wear and tear
  • Straw spreader not a straw chopper – Minimal dust and projectiles
  • Adjustable rotor speed – Quick and simple spread width control
  • Fit to loaders as well as tractors – Suits many applications
  • Offset frame incorporated – No extra cost
  • No electronics – Simple to use and maintain with full control
  • Suitable for use with a tractor 3-point linkage and telehandlers – Multipurpose